Monday. 8.14.17

MOB: Dynamic mobility.
WU: 5 BB front squats. :30 calorie row or parking lot sprint

S: Front Squat. Take 15:00 to establish a 2RM.
C: EMOM for 20:00
Odd rounds: Ascending front squat ladder at 50% of today’s 2RM. (from the floor). Start with 1 rep in your first odd numbered round and add a rep each additional odd numbered round.
Even rounds: Calorie row. 20/15 or parking lot sprint

Option 1: Max calorie row in :40
Option 2: Weight of choice.
Option 3: Weight of choice. Max calorie row in :40.

PWMOB: Stretch hip flexors, hamstrings, calves and ankles. U/D dog x3.

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