Resolutions Shmesolutions. The Truth Sets You Free.

By Craig Hysell

Want to know the ugly truth about resolutions?

You don’t need them.

Only 8% of people are successful with their New Year’s Resolutions.

About 610,000 Americans die every year from heart disease. 1 death in every 4.

That’s like having a city the size of Austin, Texas, wiped out every year from a silent mass murderer. Yet we are more scared of sharks, ebola and zombies. And bears. Everybody’s afraid of bears… except this guy.

Obesity, lack of activity and poor diet are leading causes of this ludicrous plague. All easily changed with a little discipline and a good reason why.

So start with YOUR most important thing: your good reason why.

After you read this paragraph, do yourself a favor: look up from your little device here and think about yourself and all the people you love. Are you at risk from heart disease? Are you creeping up on the warning signs? Are the people you love? Is that what you want for them? For yourself?

(Pause and reflect. Look around. Seriously. I’ll wait. Look outside. Look at the ones you love. What do you want for them? What do you want to witness them achieve?)

Look, we are all going to die and none of us really know when. But we all get to choose how we live. Even this guy did and he is still melting faces long after his death.

Resolutions are not the magic. In fact, with an 8% success rate, they are obviously a bullshit exercise for most of the folks who undertake them.

Wake up and stop wasting time. Be the awesome you we are all waiting for!

Deciding and acting is the equation!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. (I think Ron Burgundy said that… or maybe it was Ghandi…)

Just decide what you want and then act. The rest will reveal itself along the way.

This must come with commitment and NO pressure.

Begin small and always, always, always, always be nice to yourself and enjoy the journey! You’re striving to be better, you’re going to screw up now and then so be at peace with it and don’t quit.

Try this super simple routine (yes, even during the holidays!) if you need a starting point:

Do the following 3 times a week for 3 weeks: (Try to do all of this on the same day and enjoy the jumpstart!)
Get 8 hours of sleep. Yes, it might be challenging at first, but you can figure it out.
Drink 3 36-ounce bottles of water. Buy a big bottle of water. Fill it up three times and drink ‘er up.
Eat a salad with some protein. How big of a salad? Who cares. How much protein? About the size of your fist. What kind of protein? The yummy kind.
Do this workout:
As many cycles as possible in 7:00:
7 squats
7 situps

Can’t squat? Do sit to stands on the edge of your bed. Can’t do sit-ups? Lay on your back, tuck your hands up under your butt, lift your shoulders up off the ground, extend your legs out in front of you and raise them 6″-12″ in the air and then lower them gently back down to the ground.

Start somewhere with something. If you want to start with CTF we always, always, always have a Complimentary Intro ready for you.

Ask for help. Lean on others. They’ll lean back on you. Together, the world will get better one of us at a time.

What if we could cut heart disease in half in 5 years? What could we do in 10? How much better would our kid’s chances be?

F*** resolutions. Start being awesomer today. Right now. Live the dream.

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