Saturday. 1.2.16

MOB: Full body.
WU: Review movements

C: As One Team in 25:00:
Max Meters Rowed.
Max Over The Box burpees 24/20. (step up and overs are fine)

How much volume can you do as a class in 25:00?
Team up as needed and rock it out.
Coaches are there to guide, you all are there to work together. Have FUN!

Side note:

I believe the last time we did this, the roughly 20 person class accumulated over 300 over the box burpees (more than 12 burpee box jumps per minute) and came up about 5,000 meters shy of rowing a marathon in 25:00.

A half marathon is 21,098 meters.
A marathon is 42,195 meters.

We have 6 rowers.

To reach a full marathon rowed in 25:00, each rower would need to accumulate 7032 meters rowed or roughly 4.4 miles.


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