Saturday 7.19.14


GO RUN 5 Miles with Coach JFORD @ the CREMATOR or…
Complete workout over the weekend.

MOB: Ankles. Calves. Hamstrings. Hips.
WU: 400m Run
15 Front leg swings per leg
15 Lateral leg swings per leg
10 Inch worms
5 Lunges per leg
SK: Back to wall 2 x 10 pulls per leg with run out
Stable arm drill 3x 50m
Alternating single leg pulls 5-4-3 with run out to 100%
Run: 5Mile Tempo 85%
LII: 4Miles
LI: 5K
PWMOB: Full lower body rollout. 3 x 10 of: Sit-ups, Super-mans, Squats.

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