“The Best Damn CrossFit Prep Course Period” Arrives at CTF!

Take the proverbial CrossFit bull by the horns, and have a ridiculously fun time learning how to do it.

The Best Damn CrossFit Prep Course Period is led by some of the best Instructors in the business in one of the most innovative, educational and empowering fitness communities in the world. You should only continue reading this if you want to get sexier and be awesome(r).


At Conviction Training Facility (CTF), Home of the Original CrossFit Hilton Head, we’ve been teaching people like you CrossFit since 2010.

The Best Damn CrossFit Prep Course Period has evolved from over 10,000 hours of running group training sessions (like the CrossFit Hilton Head BootCamp- our wildly popular introductory program seen in the video below), specialized training courses, informational seminars, competitions, personal training sessions, working with remote coaching clientele from all over the world and relentless continuing education into the very best 12 session foundational program for understanding CrossFit techniques and routines.



At the end of The Best Damn CrossFit Prep Course Period, and as silly or even cheesy as it may sound, you will have a new noticeable “glow” or “something different” about you that your friends and loved ones will take notice of and comment on.

You will have an uncompromising zeal for acknowledging (and going after!) what is possible in your life.

You will experience an improved physique and increased Fitness IQ.

You will be stronger, friendlier, happier and more confident.

In short you will be way awesome(r) and sexier than you were when you walked in!

If that sounds like something you’d like to do then,

Please Click Here for more information on the Course, available CrossFit Prep Course times and to sign up. Limited to 8 people per Course to ensure the very best Student experience.

If you can’t wait, click here to schedule a Complimentary Introduction.

A 3 session Personal Training CrossFit Prep Course is also available. Schedule a Complimentary Introduction to get started!

See ya out there!

P.S. Don’t forget, if it’s not fun, you aren’t doing it right!

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