Top Five Reasons to Go Primal

Top Five Reasons to Go Primal
Author: Morgan Bass

Now that we’ve launched the new CTF schedule, a lot of people have been buzzing about our new PrimalFit class. As the lead Coach, I’m hearing quite a few questions such as what’s PrimalFit all about? Can I do that? Can the workouts still be scaled? You shouldn’t be worried about any of the above that’s why I decided to write the top five reasons to go Primal!

1. Technology Isn’t Slowing Down

We now depend on technology to do everyday activities. Cell phones, computers, IPADS the list goes on and on. You should come to PrimalFit so that you can realize that you are your greatest resource. In each class, athletes are given a task to complete in an allotted amount time. There will be movements that most have never seen before and unexpected tasks that will test your mental toughness. You won’t be able to Google or ask Siri how to conquer the workout, completion will be entirely up toyou. PrimalFit will give you confidence that you’ll be able to tackle anything thrown your way.

2. Develop Mental Toughness

We talk about it all the time in our regular CTF classes, the foundation of our CTF Hierarchy, Mental Toughness. Anyone can be physically strong but that means nothing if you throw in the towel half way thru a workout because it just gets too hard or you’re too tired. In PrimaFit, we’ll put you even further outside your comfort zone. Every class will be hard and you will be tired, but if you have a positive internal dialogue using phrases such as I CAN or I WILL. Or I MUST, you will be just fine.

To develop true mental toughness, you have to keep chipping away at all work thrown your way and this doesn’t go just for the gym. Think about carrying this throughout all aspects of your life. How strong will you be then? PrimalFit will prepare you for the unexpected and leave you ready for anything.

3. Switch Up Your Routine

Everyday living can get boring. In PrimalFit, we use implements that you won’t see in any of our other group classes. One day you may be lifting stones, throwing sandbags, executing bucket carries or even swinging a sledgehammer. What could be more primal than busting some shit up with a hammer then throwing it over your shoulder and running with down 278 with it? It’s quite a feeling when traffic stops for you at Shipyard crossing.

4. Get Outside and Get Dirty

Whenever possible PrimalFit workouts will be performed outside. Nothing is more primal than working up a sweat in the great outdoors and getting dirty. Don’t be worried about dirt. It’s part of the experience. You won’t even guess the different tasks we can execute to get primal in our natural environment!

5. Become a Badder BadAss

Yep I just made up a new term. This class is that good. No spell check needed. By combining these unique tasks and movements, we develop mental toughness, positive internal dialogue and teach you self-reliance in the great outdoors. That’s what will make you a Badder BadAss, can’t you tell? After a couple classes, you will be molded into your best badass-self that you ever could have dreamed. Looking forward to seeing each of you in the next PrimalFit class real soon!

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