Wednesday. 4.13.16

MOB: Full Body
WU: 400m run.
R: Movements

C: For reps:
Max Evil Wheels in 2:00 95/65
Rest 2:00
Max Barbell Russian Twist in 2:00 25 with 45# bar/15# with 35# bar
Rest 2:00
Max Weighted Situps in 2:00 25#/15#
Rest 2:00
Max Bicycle Kicks in 2:00
Rest 2:00
Run 1 mile for time

Record total reps at each station + mile time

LII: Weights of choice.
LI: Plank Hold. Bicycle Kicks. Situps. Bicycle Kicks

PWMOB: Full body mobility

Advanced: None
Endurance: None

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