What Does CFHH Mean To You? Going in Ten…

By Craig Hysell

I get something in my inbox or talk to someone everyday whose life we have made better at CrossFit Hilton Head. Dayna, myself and our staff bust our asses to provide this. To relentlessly continue the same mission we have had since day one: to make everything outside the box better. It is your comments that fuel our never-ending passion and pursuit of excellence. If we are fortunate enough to inspire you always remember that it is reciprocal: it is YOU who drives US to get better. Thank you.

I’d like to share with you a story I received via email from a CFHH member who wishes to remain anonymous. I have done no editing to the text save delete the writer’s name at the author’s request. Enjoy.

Going in 10…
By Anonymous

The coaches at Crossfit Hilton Head are on my side encouraging and pushing me to breathe, to move faster and to work. They hear me bitch and moan and they lean in. They teach technique over and over. I finally get it and it is easier doing it their way, but my hard head made me learn the hard way. They don’t ever back down. They see something and know when to grab the hammer and chisel. They show it in their belief, in their core, and their discipline. They are the artist.

The hammer – Crossfit Hilton Head

I have begged for breath, I have begged to quit but they know if they let me quit, they will be letting both of us down. My coaches push me and shout “Why are you here?”, “Why are you not breathing hard” and they do not let me settle. I want to be fit, I want to feel good, I want to be strong and they see it. They don’t let me back off or not try harder…. They never lose their focus, instead they gain inner strength when they see us on our knees. They grab hold of this belief, they see it in our eyes, they push harder. It matters. So much.

The Chisel – Crossfit Hilton Head

My coaches see struggle and encourage with a fist bump, they holler “breathe and work”; yet we can’t, they scream ”don’t let go of the bar”; but we do. They shout “Good Job” after the WOD even when we are crawling on the floor, trying to get control of our breath. They push us hard and we listen. Going in Ten! Two minutes…thirty seconds..we finish stronger than we ever did because of them at our side, coaching us to go further, to believe. We hear their encouragement even when nothing is said. It moves all of us forward.

The Artist, Hammer, and the Chisel Together – Crossfit Hilton Head

It is the chisel, the rock, the hammer and the artist coming together that produce greatness. Each one cannot exist without the other. I believe that “I Can” because of what you have shown me. Thank you Coach Craig, Coach Jenna, Coach Jeff, Coach Aaron, Coach Mitch, and Coach Christy. See you tomorrow in the box! You have earned my respect and trust.

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