Where will you be August 30th?


For over five years now, the Conviction Training Facility has been involved with the RET Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to assist children afflicted with pediatric cancers in as many meaningful ways as possible. As part of a fundraising opportunity there has been a workout performed in memory of RET, the RET WOD (workout of the day) since 2010. If you’ve participated before, you know this workout is no joke and its a ton of fun.

What you have to do is deadlift at the beginning of a 5K, hit burpees and pushups throughout, and then finish with another set of deadlifts. Pretty fun huh?

There’s an opportunity for anyone to participate whether you’re walking, running or crushing the workout. IF you’ve participated before you know first hand how amazing this day is with an energy that’s not at most event scenes.

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