Why Is Our Gym Better?

by Craig Hysell

Since we opened in March of 2010, we have been asked this question, “What makes your gym better than X’s gym?” at least once a week by someone.

Our answer is simple: we are only better for people who need/want what we offer. That’s why all new clients are encouraged to begin with a complimentary No Sweat Intro: a free chat to talk about THEM.

As the founder of this gym, I focus on what we can control: us. That’s it. I have no idea what other gyms or businesses do. And I have no idea if YOU will be a right fit for what WE do.

What I can tell you is that if we are right for you now, we will be even better for you later. Since we have been in business our service has steadily evolved every year, every six months, every week and every day.

We constantly pursue continuous improvement. Our clients, even those who have been with us the longest, continue to progress, be challenged and stay happy.

Many people that have left us to “take a break” and “do something else”, come back. People that move away, miss us. People that come visit us, keep coming back year after year after year and consistently tell us that this is one of the best gym’s they have ever visited.

When I ask why, they say because of “the coaching, the programming and the community” and while the order is not always the same, these three things are usually mentioned.

This makes sense. Because we, (by “we” I mean our ENTIRE Team of Staff here) bust our ass to make these things beyond great.

Our coaches are not only certified, they have to pass an in-house Instructor Training Program with a 90% wash out rate. We are NEVER satisfied with the delivery of our material. We are ALWAYS learning.

Our options-based group class programming is written in-house on a periodized time table, endlessly improved as we learn more AND provides for mobility, strength and conditioning in a manner which all can benefit from, all progress with and all remain injury free.

Our community is fantastic because our philosophy is virtuous and cemented firmly in our foundation (CTF’s “WHY”), our coaching delivery and our client’s sub-conscious: everything we do “in here” is designed to make everything “out there” better.

But I also know we aren’t for everybody.

If you don’t like our style of working out, then you wouldn’t like working out here.

We aren’t ultra-competitive with each other, instead we are ultra-supportive.

People don’t share their scores on the board or with each other to thump their chest, instead they share them to inspire each other to achieve.

Our methods are prescriptive in each class or personal training session so that all can achieve success according to their individual “WHY”.

We think long-term, hold fast to principles and fundamentals and embrace health and wellness as a continuous progression across a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix.

See, we’re not REALLY a gym, we’re a Team. As we say, we are “One Team”. At CTF, we busy ourselves with creating, innovating and listening to our clients, not looking up or over our shoulder to see what other businesses around us are doing.

Our concern is our staff, our clients and our three rules: was everybody safe, did they have fun, and did they learn something?

We exist to educate and empower our clients to live the life of their dreams. Fitness is a means, not the end.

Why are we better? I have no idea if we are better for you. Why are we really good at what we do? Because we compete with ourselves, not anybody else.

If you’d like to see if we are for you, click here to Get Started. If you’re visiting from out of town, please click here for all our visitor information.

Live with Conviction. 🙂

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