Monday. 7.12.15

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 5 Front Squats. 5 Deadlifts. 10 4-count bicycle kicks.
R: The day’s movements.

S: Front Squat. 20:00 to a 2RM.
C: 6 rounds of:
2 heavy deadlifts (add or detract weight as you go)
20 4-count bicycle kicks
:60 rest

Post total deadlift volume to board.

LI: 10 4-count bicycle kicks.

PWMOB: Stretch Hamstrings. Hip flexors on wall. Rollout triceps, lats and t-spine on roller.

S: 5 rounds. Every 4:00. Max KB or DB front squats at weight of choice + 20 sit-ups.
C: 6 rounds of:
10 KB deadlifts
20 4-count bicycle kicks
:60 rest

Advanced: None
Endurance: None

The Mar: 5 rounds of:
10 sit to stands
10 2 count flutter kicks.
Fully recover.

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