Will I Look Stupid?

By Craig Hysell

“Will I look stupid?” That’s got to be the number one question holding people we speak with back from starting something, anything, new.

To be more specific, let’s talk about starting, or maybe even re-starting, your fitness experience.

Will you look stupid?

As the CEO of this company, the guy in possession of over 12,000 hours of coaching since 2008, the kid who rode the bench during two high school state lacrosse championship seasons and then went on to be the two-time Captain of his college lacrosse team, a man who has had to declare bankruptcy in the past, who has been so broke he can’t rub two pennies together and a proud father of an intelligent, beautiful and amazingly curious child I honestly want to express with as much respect and kindness as I can to you: Who cares, my friend?

“Stupid”, “Good”, “Bad” these are all matters of opinion. Things in this world happen. What label they are given is purely subjective on the observer’s part. Will you look stupid? No, you will BE brave.

You cannot have courage without fear. You cannot have improvement without stress. You cannot grow if you do not decide to act. You used to just play. Why has that stopped now?

Tweak the dial on your mindset! Just begin and play!

At CTF, everybody in our community began where you are beginning: with self doubt. But they decided to just act and learned to be playful again!


We all have unique hurdles to overcome, which is why we sit down and chat with you one on one in a Complimentary Introduction. You have nothing to lose.

The hardest step is the first one. After that, the beauty, the fun, the improvement, the friendships, the discoveries… the brilliance all takes care of itself.

And I encourage you to remember this: one day, and you never know when, you are going to die.

What a shame it would be to wish you had done all the things you were afraid to do only to find it too late to do anything about it.

Do not let fear hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Somebody is waiting for you to lead them. Be the hero of your own movie and join the short list of amazing humans across time who have done great things by first risking looking foolish in the crowd.

Join the happy few who have realized that “looking stupid” doesn’t exist where support and positivity does.

Doreen Mericuh

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