Fitness As A CRAFT

By Craig Hysell

When it comes to the use of fitness in one’s life, I often ask new clients who come into our gym, “What’s the hurry?”

What I mean is, you didn’t gain all the “negative” stuff you feel you want to “fix” with your body in 30, 60 or 90 days… so why do you think it will take that amount of time to recoup all the positive stuff you want?

It makes no sense and, more importantly, it sets you up for a psychological crash from which most people quit and just go back to “what’s easy” if your fitness goals are not met in the timeline you laid out.

This is unfortunate, and this is the difference between being SOLD and working with someone who actually cares about your success.

There are no quick fixes if you want sustainable change. Stop pursuing them.

You are not broken. Stop thinking you are.

You are merely super lucky enough to be on a journey and you can begin a new path at any time.

Wrong turns and less than ideal paths are a part of life. We’ve all gone through them. You’re not alone. Do not feel sorry for yourself (it is a waste of time!), simply do the work to change the view.

Fitness IS simple. Show up every single day you’re committed to showing up and do the work. The end. There is nothing complicated about it. It is only complicated in the mind and, thankfully, this can be controlled.

The only complicated part of the whole fitness journey is the artificial timeline set by the participant.

If one is brave enough and philosophical enough to let these timelines go and instead let The Process handle the arrival of goal-based objectives, the journey becomes much more sustainable, enjoyable and educational.

Dedicate yourself to consistency, discipline and action.

Just. Show. Up.

There is no “hack”. There is no shortcut. Choose the lifestyle that gets you what you want and leave the crap behind that holds you back. It is this simple.

If you DECIDE to approach this aspect of your life in this patient and sustainable manner you will find more gratitude, confidence, happiness and empowerment than you ever thought possible.

Plus you will achieve ALL your goals.

Put down the “hurry” and enjoy the craft. Be a craftsperson and enjoy becoming the Jedi this decision permits you to become.

Live with Conviction.

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