Monday. 9.4.17

MOB: Full body
WU: Review movements

S: Back Squat. 5×55% of 1RM. 5×65%. 5+x75%. 20×55%. Rest 2-3:00 between sets.
C: AMRAP in 13:00 of:
10 Burpees
10 Ft. Rack Lunges 75/55
10 Pull Ups

Intention: This is a hypertrophy phase (re: nicer, rounder butt) of our strength program. In today’s conditioning, focus on form over speed on your lunges! Push away at the top of your kipping pull-ups and pull all the way through the rings if you are performing ring rows. Go at a 70% – 80% pace and try to work the full 13:00 with no rest breaks. Breathe calmly. Stay fluid.

Option 1: 6 pullups
Option 2: 10 pull-ups at sub of choice
Option 3: Weights and subs of choice

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms. Stretch hip flexors and hamstrings. Rollout quads and calves.

Advanced: DB front rack lunges 50/35. C2B pullups
Endurance: None

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