The Science of Your DECISIONS

by Craig Hysell

Where you look is where you go. It’s called the “reticular activating system” (RAS) and it is (in a rudimentary and general description) the link from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.

Whatever you decide, you will bring forth subconsciously and it will be so.

Now, you and I make superficial and intermediate level decisions all day long. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about your deeper decisions regarding your attitude, your philosophy and your life in general.

Some things actually do happen for a reason. And other times, things happen and we try to filter a “reason” from it. And sometimes this is a cyclical engagement.

For instance:

Human A: You are unhappy. You’re unhappy because all you do is watch the news, gossip about others, think everyone is out to get you, have a job you can’t stand going to, never reach out to love or help others, and play the victim in your mind all day long: it’s always something or someone else’s fault.

You are weak minded. You have created your reality. Without self-awareness, you have little hope of getting better.


Human B: You are unhappy. You have a genetic chemical condition that keeps you from being happy, or you have too many stressors that have chemically manipulated your brain or you take medications/abuse alcohol and drugs; all of which contribute to you feeling like you are drowning in depression.

Yet, you go out and seek help. You ask for a hand up. You research solutions. You work hard at changing your habits and breaking yourself out of your sadness because you know this is not how you want to exist.

You are strong minded. Even if you stumble. You are creating a new reality, the one in your mind’s eye you want to live and be. You possess self-awareness. You WILL get better.

Your RAS is the science behind the world/reality you live in, a world/reality that is up to you.

There are happy people in war torn countries. Why? There are happy people who were born with monumental genetic defects, have lost loved ones way too soon, don’t have a lot of money, have had their legs and arms blown off, are recovering addicts and done really bad shit in their lives. Why?

Acceptance. Of what happened and of what is going on now.
Shaping. Of what THEY want from THEIR life.
Positive NLP. How they label their environment determines their outlook (neuro linguistic programming). They are not victims, they are in charge.
Grit. They never stop moving forward, even when it’s really, really, really, really freaking hard.

Because they have decided. Their RAS won’t let them.

Want a happier life? Then decide. And get to work making it happen. Your mind is rooting for you!

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