Wednesday. 9.5.17

MOB: Dynamic mobility.
WU: 400m run. Review movements.

C: 4 RFT of:
800m run
15 Evil Wheels 96/65
20 Leg Raises


Intention: Conditioning, trunk stability and trunk strengthening. The “evil wheel” is not strengthening your trunk if you cannot extend low enough to use the appropriate muscles; it simply becomes an upper body row and hip flexor movement. If you truly want to work your trunk and cannot extend to a fully straightened position on an evil wheel, perform the plank option in today’s training session with complete focus. If you do this, your trunk will get stronger and you will eventually be able to do full extension on your evil wheels. We promise. Be humble. Stay awesome.

Option 1: 10 evil wheels.
Option 2: 3 x :10 plank squeeze and hold (squeeze and hold every muscle in your body) + :10 rest.
Option 3: Subs of choice. Alternate between 400m and 800m runs.

PWMOB: Full body rollout. U/D dog x3.

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